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Gerni SH TRUCK 7P 175/1260 (Truck Booster)

Date: July 13, 2017 Author: IC-EQUIP Category:  Comments: 0

$17,895.00 $16,999.00





The Gerni TRUCK SH 7P is a simple robust and corrosion proof stationary unit for permanent outdoor placement. Enabling constant cleaning of trucks, vans, commercial and constrution vehicles, the Gerni TRUCK SH 7P  is frost protected for use even in winter.

Placed in a parking area or forecourt, the Gerni TRUCK SH 7P contains all settings and adjustments inside the lockable cabinet. The unit is then easily opertional for multiple users with 4 push button functions to select on-off, hot water, detergent without needing to adjust each time.

The Gerni TRUCK SH 7P is equipped with the high efficiency EcoPower boiler offering reduced fuel consumption and costs.

The unit is also equipped with cabinet insulation and electrical powered heater fan for frost protection and all year round cleaning.

    • Stainless steel robust design against corrosion
    • EcoPower boiler for reduced fuel consumption costs
    • SilentPower, low noise level with 1450 rpm motor pump units
    • Simple control panel with only 4 buttons
    • Ergonomic accessories for added user friendliness
    • Internal frost protection down to minus 20°C
    • Simple control panel Compact design

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