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Gerni MH 7P 175/1260 (Neptune 7-63)

Date: November 6, 2015 Author: IC-EQUIP Category:  Comments: 0

$9,585.00 $9,200.00


2700PSI at 21LPM




NEPTUNE 7 FA is the optimal solution for heavy duty, industrial cleaning tasks. The 4 piston pump and high power boiler system offer unbeatable cleaning effect and long lifetime. The FA version adds a new level of reliability and comfort with the flow activated unloader system.

The tough and robust NEPTUNE 7 FA series combines low running costs, ease of use, low noise and high cleaning efficiency. The most effective tool for heavy duty, industrial hot water cleaning in any sector. The NEPTUNE 7 FA series features low running and maintenance costs, robustness, durability and high cleaning efficiency. Heating costs are reduced with the award-winning EcoPower boiler system with > 92% heating efficiency and high heating power levels for even hotter water. Sound level is reduced and lifetime extended with the famous C3 pump and 1450 rpm motor.

    • EcoPower boiler with > 92% efficiency for reduced fuel costs and 115 kW power for optimal water heating
    • Flow-activated control system for additional comfort in use
    • 1450 RPM motor
    • C3pump with4 ceramic pistons and extended working life
    • Easy to use control panel
    • Ergo 2000 accessory concept
    • Includes BA Valve backflow preventor
    • Steel frame and chassis
    • Quick service concept reduces maintenance costs
    • Optimal machine protection against low fuel, low pump oil. Includes flame sensor and exhaust gas temperature sensor.
    • Diagnostics system
    • 2 way chemical dosing system with automatic flush system
    • Max. Inlet temperature 40°C



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