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Floorwash M20 & M30

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The Floorwash Scrubber washes and dries all types of flooring, carpets and rugs.

It cleans all types of surfaces perfectly because of:
Even distribution of water to the floor
Scrubbing motion of the brushes extracts dirt even in the joints, Grout, porous tiles and corners.
Complete collection of the dirty water, including hair, dust, crumbs, etc.
It leaves floors, rugs and carpets clean and dry in seconds. Just hard work!
The benefits for those who use Floorwash are immediately obvious: you no longer have to scrub by hand and it saves you much time and effort, you will no longer have to crawl on the floor or use your gloves and arms for scrubbing.
This work will be done by the two rotating brushes that penetrate the porosity of the tiles and the joints of the floor removing all dirt and immediately recover it in a tray that is easy to be emptied at the end of the work.

Ideal for home or professional, houses, shops, offices, hotels, workshops, hospitals, Vets, Kitchens, Restaurants, Pubs, etc.
Another big advantage is that, unlike the manual mopping where the dirt is spread around the floor by the cloth.
The Floorwash scrubber always washes with clean water that is put on the floor, while the dirty water is recovered directly into the collection tray.
This is because this scrubber has two tanks: one for clean water (5 l Capacity), where you can add any type of detergent and one for dirty water recovered, both can be removed quickly.

The two models of Floorwash
There are two different models of Floorwash scrubbers depending on the size of the premises to be cleaned:

the Floorwash M20
the Floorwash M30

The first has two brushes of 20 cm width and an induction motor 300W, while the M30 has two brushes of 30 cm width and a 350W induction motor.
The height of the Scrubber is cm. 13.5, ideal for reaching under low furniture, shelves etc. The weight is 10 kg for Model M20 and 12 kg for the mod. M30; light to use and carry yet effective in cleaning due to rotation of opposing brushes which run @ 800 rounds per minute each.

The length of the cable is 10 Meters. The measurements are:
M20: 27 X 30cm, height 13.5 cm M30: 37 X 30cm, height 13.5 cm
Main parts of the Scrubber
Clean water and detergent
Foot operated switch
Front brush
Back brush
Water Tube
Lever for water outlet

Saving energy
The design of the Floorwash Scrubber is very eco-friendly because of several factors:

Life expectancy of the product is 10 years (5000 working hours) if serviced regularly
Recyclable materials are used.
Low power consumption (300W)
Use only water or very little detergent.
Low noise.
All qualities have been achieved with continued research aimed at obtaining a technologically perfect product, but with an eye to the environment.

Safety and security
All our machines have received the marks of quality and safety "IMQ" and "CE". They are guaranteed 24 months from any kind of failure except wear and tear.
They have an overload protection device that prevents the use of the machine in case of overheating after 5 consecutive hours of work, ensuring the engine itself is extremely durable.

The Scrubber is supplied with a medium brush suitable for most applications. It is possible to mount a harder brush for cleaning of very dirty surfaces, suitable for workshops or laboratories. The soft brush which is also available would be used for carpet or softer wool carpets with long hair.

Parts & Accessories Floorwash
Optional accessories:
Black brushes for very dirty hard floors (workshops, laboratories ...)
Brown softer brushes for carpets and rugs of wool with long hair.
Special detergents for special problems

Specifications Floorwash
FLOORWASH M30 for areas up to 450 Square m / h
ENGINE: Induction W350 V 230 Hz 50 G / m 2800
DIMENSIONS: Length 30 cm Width 38 cm Height 13.5 cm
WEIGHT: 11 kg load
2 BRUSHES: Cylindrical 300x86 mm / 300x54 mm
TANK: Removable 5 Litres total capacity

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