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Energy Efficient VP600 winning local and international plaudits

Date: October 23, 2015 Author: IC-EQUIP Category: New Products Uncategorized Comments: 0

20/03/2015 10:21 AM

The recently launched whisper-quiet Nilfisk VP600 commercial vacuum cleaner is quickly winning worldwide and local acclaim.

Short-listed for an innovation award by judges at The Cleaning Show (UK) 2015, the VP600 operates at an efficient 350W, enhanced by an 800W power boost at the push of a button when extra muscle is required.

With the highly efficient energy saving fan unit, the sound level of only 66dB(A) is perfect for daytime cleaning in noise sensitive areas without disturbing shop customers, hotel guests or office staff.

Changing the dust bags on the VP600 is faster and simpler than ever due to the new self-locating magnetic dust bag cover. After replacing the full 10L dust bag, the magnetic system automatically self-locates the lid to the correct position, protecting hinges and locking mechanisms to reduce risk of damage.

Maintaining and servicing the VP600 is easy and time saving due to its modular construction. When a cord is worn or damaged, it can easily be replaced by a new cord module in seconds. Either a model with a detachable cord or a rewindable cord can be selected, depending on your business needs.

  • 350/800 w fan unit with an A rated Energy Labelling
  • Power boost function for optimised power consumption and cleaning performance
  • HEPA exhaust filter as standard maximising air quality
  • Unique magnetic closing of dust compartment securing high reliability
  • Available with detachable or rewindable power cord
  • Best in class sound quality
  • Accessories are stored on-board, easy to reach and user friendly

Saving energy for the environment as well as our customers was a key focus when designing the VP600. Low energy consumption and innovative new features were an absolute must. We know your business will love the result.

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