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Industrial Cleaning Equipment Guarantee…

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Industrial Cleaning Equipment Guarantee you a return on your pressure cleaner or industrial cleaning investment because

we propose our machines based on your specific performance requirements

 which means to you

 your investment will make you money and save you money

and the real benefit to you

is your team will be best equipped to operate productively, and safely.


Do you feel like you would benefit from your people working safely and productively?

Talk to the team today, we don’t just sell machines, we provide efficient servicing,

mobile technicians, spare parts and technical advice that will greatly improve

the life of your machine.

At Industrial Cleaning Equipment we put the customer first and to prove that,

with all new GERNI and NILFISK machine purchases, we will service them for FREE –


In addition, we are offering FREE on-site assessments and

FREE detailed inspection and quote reports - how good is that??


We understand equipment is expensive but QUALITY is priceless.


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